If you’re not quite over high school basketball season yet and need a fix, there’s another all-star game taking place this Saturday in West Plains at the West Plains Civic Center.  The 7th Annual Grizzly All-Star Basketball Classic will feature high school players from both Missouri and Arkansas in boys and girls games.  Slam dunk contest and 3-point contest are also included.  Girls game starts at 5 PM I believe. Not sure of admission, but last year it was just $4 for adults an $2 for children.  Here’s the rosters.


Dark Team

  • Austin Fisher, Winona
  • Brock Mitchell, Ava
  • Colbie Butcher, Flippin, AR
  • Jonathan Crull, Flippin, AR
  • Brayden McCurley, Calico Rock, AR
  • Zach Roberts, Alton
  • Derek Daniels, Mt. View-Liberty
  • Scott Haynes, Summersville
  • Terry Fiske, Summersville
  • Corey Smith, Summersville
  • Taylor James, Willow Springs
  • Clint Harper, Willow Springs

Light Team

  • Jacob Pardo, Dora
  • Dillan Collins, Dora
  • Dylan Fox, Dora
  • Justin Von Allmen, Dora
  • Billy Sexton, Dora
  • Dakota Nash, Gainesville
  • Ryan Walker, Izard County, AR
  • Caleb Cowan, Izard County, AR
  • Caleb Brown, Mammoth Spring, AR
  • Ben Worlow, Mountain Home
  • Keegan Bowen, West Plains
  • Brandon Joyce, West Plains


Dark Team

  • Miranda Reynolds, Alton
  • Becca See, Alton
  • Alex Hower, Couch
  • Sarah Neptune, Couch
  • Trisha Arnold, Izard County, AR
  • Brandy Uchtmann, Fordland
  • Tabby Haney, West Plains
  • Juliann Reed, West Plains
  • MaKenzie Alsup, West Plains
  • Taylor Wells, Bakersfield
  • Alisha Shanks, Willow Springs

Light Team

  • Kristen Hastings, Ava
  • Taylor Cox, Calico Rock, AR
  • Brittany Fountain, Calico Rock, AR
  • Rena Morgan, Dora
  • Jessy Jo Vest, Mammoth Spring, AR
  • Brittany Cruse, Mansfield
  • Jordan Gray, Norwood
  • Ashley Chadwell, Norwood
  • Maggie Jo Cooper, Mountain Home, AR
  • Lacy Hollingsworth, Mountain Home, AR
  • McKenzie Williams, Mountain Grove

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