Little did I know what I was putting in motion when I added this tidbit to my annual Christmas list

I want Rogersville to celebrate the 30th anniversary of their 1982 state championship boys basketball team with an 80s night complete with coach Rod Gorman and his staff in Miami Vice attire.  The Bolivar girls also won a title in ’82 so the same thing goes for coach Darin Archer and crew but let’s have them dress as an 80s hair band.

While Rogersville & coach Gorman chose to pass on the suggestion, coach Archer & his staff did not.  In fact they turned it into something special.  After some encouragement from his team, Archer thought about the idea and saw a way to make it about a lot more than just fulfilling one of my Christmas wishes.  The Keeling for Kids foundation in Bolivar was set up to honor the late great Bolivar girls coach Gary Keeling and provides assistance to underprivileged children in Polk County.  Coach Archer took his idea to his administration, they approved, he cleared it with coach Eric DeRossett of Buffalo, and we then were able to announce it on the Scoreboard Show one evening.  An 80s night would be held, the 1982 state championship team would be honored, and if they could raise $750 in donations to the Keeling for Kids Foundation, the Bolivar coaches would be dressed as 80s rockers.  And so…

I am the one with no wig or hat on.  It was a great evening.  No final total on the donations yet but coach Archer told me it was well over the goal.  80s music was played all night, the cheerleaders & other were decked out in 80s gear, I saw jerseys reminiscent of that 82 team being worn, I had the privilege of meeting coach Keelings wife, and it was just a great evening.  And what ref in his right mind would want to argue with…

coach Flavor Flav!

And here’s the video courtesy of Matt Warner of KSPR Sports who was on site for the event.

Big thanks to coach Archer, coach Stacy Wells, and coach Jeff Edge for letting me check one off the ole Christmas list.  And thanks for letting me take part in helping raise money for such a fantastic cause.  But be warned, since this worked, next year I’m asking for that 1970 Barracuda I’ve been wanting.

4 Responses to Yes Joboo, There Is a Santa Claus

  1. Clay Crouch says:

    This is what high school sports are all about! I love it!

    • Joboo says:

      Absolutely. They took my comedic comment & turned it into a way to have fun & raise money for a great cause. That’s top shelf.

  2. Clay Crouch says:

    It definitely looked like they had fun with it. I love what you do with your website. It’s great that someone tries to get exposure to the high school athletes in our area. I always felt when I was in high school that people paid to much attention to Springfield schools and not other schools in southwest Missouri but you do a great job. Thanks!

  3. Coach Archer says:


    Thanks for the great support that you, Guy Newcomb, our BHS administration, Coach Eric Derossett, and the Buffalo school district gave us in supporting a cause much greater than basketball. We were able to raise a considerable amount of money (figures are still coming in!) as a result of your Christmas “wish” list to help needy students in our area. Many times as sports fans we get caught up in final scores and titles, but for one night in Polk County, MO., the game of basketball took a backseat to helping kids in need to just be able to enjoy their educational experience, regardless if their team won or how many points they scored. It was an honor to take an idea created on this website and make it MORE IMPORTANT than the game of basketball! Thanks for all you do in promoting High School athletics in southwest Missouri and it is refreshing for me as a coach to see so many give in a time of need. Thanks to all that contributed!

    Darin Archer
    Bolivar High School

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